Top 10 benefits of martial arts for children

To some people with little experience of the world of martial arts, it can seem violent and dangerous for children. However parents that enrol their children in martial arts classes find that their kids reap an innumerable amount of benefits from participation in a martial arts training program. In addition to busting sedentary habits and […]

Rotherham Martial Arts – Self defence guide for non martial artists

Rotherham Martial Arts – Self defence guide for non martial artists THIS GUIDE IS FOR ADULTS!! Ofcourse your chances of getting out of a physical altercation are much better if you train in the martial arts….. but what about those of us for whatever reason, don’t have martial arts training? There are still practical tips […]

Our Blackbelt principles

We always tell our students that in order for you to become a Black Belt on the outside you first must become a Black Belt on the inside.  Therefore, we have developed this student creed…… Student Creed “I will develop myself in a positive manner and avoid anything that could reduce my mental growth or physical […]

How to deal with bullying – Aktive Guide

One of the main reasons parents bring their children to our Rotherham Martial Arts club is because of our anti-bullying classes. Here are some tips from us to help guide your children and young people. Confident Posture Children are less likely to be picked on if they walk and sit with awareness, calm and confidence. […]

Educational Benefits of Martial Arts Training

“Training in the Martial Arts helps children learn self-discipline and leadership skills. It’s also a fun way for kids (and their parents) to get some exercise in a group setting” Dr Frank D Sacco Martial Arts Classes for Kids Your child or young adult will, over the next few years, be moving more and more […]