Educational Benefits of Martial Arts Training

“Training in the Martial Arts helps children learn self-discipline and leadership skills. It’s also a fun way for kids (and their parents) to get some exercise in a group setting”

Dr Frank D Sacco

Martial Arts Classes for Kids

Your child or young adult will, over the next few years, be moving more and more out into the real world. Training in the martial arts will give them skills to succeed and survive. They’ll learn about respect and courtesy, honour and integrity. They’ll learn how to take instruction, and they’ll learn how to teach others. They’ll learn teamwork, sportsmanship, and leadership.

He or she will also learn how to defend themselves.  Tae Kwon Do is a self-defence system.  Designed to allow a student to defend themselves when attacked. Start your child in Aktive Martial Arts classes now, and by the time he or she leaves to build his or her own life, you’ll know that they’ll have the skills needed to diffuse a potentially violent situation or fight back if the situation  requires it.

Training in the Martial Arts helps students of all ages by providing tangible and long-lasting benefits.

For smaller children, classes help develop

…..are improved. Students enrolled in the Aktive Martial Arts teaching program learn important teamwork and leadership skills. Adults benefit from improved reflexes and physical fitness.

Kids are active. They like to have fun … and sometimes this can cause problems in school. Parents of children who have difficulty concentrating in school often find that the martial arts can provide an outlet for the child’s seemingly unlimited amount of energy, while helping develop the focus and respect needed to succeed in the class room.

Older adults often benefit from the group setting that Aktive classes provide. Studies have shown that older people who participate in a social activity that involve excercise delay or avoid the onset of dementia by a statistically significant period of time. Staying involved in something that challenges your brain helps you retain more of your ‘liquid knowledge’ — the ability to learn new things.

So act your age — sign up for a free introductory class (hyperlink to the booking page here please) below and start building your brain and your reflexes!