Rotherham Martial Arts club joins campaign to stop bullying

Peer pressure is great.

Or it can be if used in the right way.  Kids have the power to influence and coerce otherchildren into changing their behavior.

In the US  a new campaign called is starting a new campaign called “Be More Than a Bystander.” It asks children to put an end to the  problem of bullying.

How can  kids solve a problem that has confounded adults for generations?I say kids are the only people who can convince other kids that something is uncool and done only by losers.

The anti-bullying campaign aims to meet kids where they live, on Facebook and Twitter as well as on television, in a blatant ploy to harness the power of the kid.

“Kids have an incredible sense of right and wrong. If you can tap into their sense of injustice and tell them there are things that they can do, kids can get really excited about that,” Peggy Conlon, president and chief executive of the Ad Council,

The idea behind the campaign is “changing the social norm around bullying the same way we did about . . . drunk driving or smoking,” .

But alas, parents, this doesn’t mean that we can breathe a sigh of relief and say, “Oh, good, I no longer have to worry about bullying because kids and the government are on the mission. As a Rotherham Martial Arts club we believe  still  need to be talking to our kids about bullying and teaching them about avoiding becoming a victim or handling the situaiton.

here are a few tips to help a child thats being bullied

– Befriend the bullied. It can lessen the impact of the bullying behavior and make the person being bullied feel less alone.

– Don’t give the bully an audience. That is, after all, what they probably want most of all

– Direct the child or their parents to a self defence or martial arts club in your town

Remember, all it requires is a little peer pressure.