Jean Claude Van Damme Loves Olympics 2012

The “Muscles from Brussels” is a big fan of the Olympics and you wont be surprised to know he is keen on the combat sports.

“I like to see K-1 [kickboxing], MMA, Judo, all those kinds of sports, but I also like volleyball, swimming, tennis. Of course, I trained in karate since I was 11, so that’s my discipline. But the beauty in sports is to be determined and to have a goal to achieve.”

JCVD will be cheering on his home country Belgium, particularly the judo athletes. Charlene Van Snick won the small country’s first medal of 2012 in judo.

Though taekwondo is now an  Olympics sport, it wasn’t when Van Damme was growing up and competing in the martial arts. He never had the chance to try and compete for his country

Now, he’s not sure if kickboxing, the other sport he is known for, would make a good Olympic sport.

“For people to understand the techniques of kickboxing is very difficult if you’re not inside the game. A lot of times with kickboxing, you only see the violence. You don’t see the main thing of the fight. It looks violent on TV from the outside, but very peaceful and technical on the inside. Only the warriors understand that, and maybe it’s too violent these days to be in good terms with the Olympics.”